Aadmi Afsomali

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Action, Crime, Drama, Romance


Vijay Srivastav lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with dad, Mohanlal, mom, Sharda, and a younger brother, Raju. His father and brother manage a restaurant named 'Sahiba', while Vijay works as a Supervisor at the Ordnance Factory that manufacturers RDX for the Government of India and also moonlights as a self-defense instructor. He meets with wealthy Rekha, the only daughter of Advocate Saxena, and both fall in love with each other. Their respective parents meet and arrange their marriage. Before even the engagement could take place, Vijay is arrested by the Police and charged with killing his parents and brother, tried in Court, found guilty, and sentenced to five years in jail. On his first day behind bars, he is approached by Inspector Yeshwant Deshmukh, who asks him to cooperate and abduct Deepak, the son of an underworld don, and if he does so, he will only aid the Police but his crime will be pardoned and he will be released. Vijay agrees to do so, escapes from jail, successfully abducts Deepak, and returns to jail - and finds out that the person he abducted was not the son of a don, but the future son-in-law of Inspector General of Police Pratap Singh - who is more than likely to ensure that Vijay never gets out of jail - ever!

Release Date 3 October 1993
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Movie Rating Not rated

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  1. Hello how are you I’ve got a problem I cannot play this movie I have tried and I don’t know what’s the problem please do me favour tell me how can I watch this movie

  2. Dhamaan asxpta sharafta leh sln sre aad iyo aad ayaad ugu mahad santiin sida wanaagsan ee aad noogu dadashan dhankasta ha noqotee lkn maalmahan dambe waan fahmi laayahagba sida aad wax ka dhigtee hal film idinkama daawado ee sidee ayaa loo galaya mise magacii hore ayaad kaba guurteen bal wax noosheega


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